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Jiangyin Anji Rubber Industrial Co.,Ltd. Focus on butyl rubber products for 21 years.

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Anji Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd., located in the Jiangyin city,ChinaJiangsuProvince, a rising advanced manufacturing port city. 

Our company have ten years history and experience of professional production and sales of automotive butyl inner tubes, we are now the leading butyl inner tube manufactory, also supplier for many well-known domestic and foreign tire companies. With the continuous development.

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We provide a full range of butyl rubber inner tube products.

Our products quality has reached the advanced level around the world. All products have passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, the U.S. Department of Transportation Highway Traffic Safety standard DOT certification mark, certification mark European E-MARK, SONCAP certification in Africa,BrazilINMETRO product certification and 3C China Compulsory Certification .

  • Road transport vehicle inner tubes
  • Mining vehicle inner tubes
  • Engineering vehicle inner tube
  • Passenger car inner tubes
  • Agricultural vehicle inner tubes
  • Industrial vehicle inner tubes
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The opening ceremony of China (Guangrao County) International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Fair 2023 was successfully held at Guangrao International Expo Center on May 15,2023. Jiangyin Anji Rubber Co. , Ltd. , as a leading professional butyl tube manufacturer in China, has set up a special booth to meet the buyers at home and abroad.

Company News

2023.10 SEMASHOW

North America is the world’s smallest auto parts market, with $60bn of capacity in the US alone. The annual SEMASHOW Motor Show is the world’s most prestigious event in the field of car modification.

Jiangyin Anji Rubber Co. , Ltd. introduced a number of 2023 at the SEMASHOW auto show, bringing high-quality butyl tube products to North n customers.For more than 20 years, Anji’s products have been exported to the s, Africa and Southeast Asia. Product quality is favored by users in many countries.

The way it works

Our production process

Mature and stable process is a prerequisite for producing high-quality inner tube. The company has accumulated rich experience in more than 20 years of operation, and continues to provide the world’s users with high-quality butyl tube.


Rubber mixing

Raw rubber according to the formula and mixture by mixing machine mixing.


Vulcanization setting

The raw rubber is changed into the mature rubber by vulcanization.


Extrude the hose

Extruding the production line of the tube body rubber tube.


Inflation test

Through the air test, screen out the quality defects of the product.


End welding

Weld the ends of the tube body hose together.



The final product is packaged and sent to the customer.

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