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Anji Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd., located in the Jiangyin city,China Jiangsu Province, a rising advanced manufacturing port city. It boasts along side the Yangtze River ,with a very good location and the convenient transport on both landway and waterway.

Our company have ten years history and experience of professional production and sales of automotive butyl inner tubes。

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Leading, environmental protection, high quality

We are now the leading butyl inner tube manufactory, also supplier for many well-known domestic and foreign tire companies. With the continuous development, Anji rubber has formed an butyl inner tube production capacity of 20 million annually, and its domestic and foreign trade are among the leading domestic counterparts.
In recent years, through innovation, Anji Rubber actively involved in the environmental protection industry, invest and adopt the most advanced precured tread production lines , the most state-of–the-art tread compounding techniques,cold feed technology and scientific whole sets of testing equipment., our company could produce prepared curing tread for all kind of tyre patterns meeting requirements of all kinds of retreading tyres.With high quality, high performance and high strength characteristics our procured tread products won praise at home and abroad.

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Services We Provide

More than 20 years experience in large tire enterprises and international trade

Throught strategic cooperation,Our company and Shanghai Tire & Rubber (Group) Co., develop and co-producte of the “ANJI”, “WARRIOR”, “Double Coin” brand tires and tubes for motorcycles, electric-cycles and bicycles. At The same time, we adopted the most advanced production lines and production processes, and gradually formed the capacity of 120 million inner tubes for motorcycle, electric-cycle and bicycles, 20 million tires production every year. This series of products are meeting the broad needs of the domestic market, also in line with the direction of green energy development and environmental protection. its sales area covers all regions and exported to South America, Southeast Asia and other internationa.

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